Saturday, August 15, 2009

EnLe Jardin Memory Book

So, I am finally getting pics of our memory book posted. Kim very graciously hosted a swap for all of us that were a part of the weekend, put together the gorgeous cover and the book once we sent in our pages. I have been so busy with orders that I haven't had a chance to add any pics to them but this way you can see all of the beautiful work everyone put into it!
This has the back side of the cover by Kim and the front page of Jenn's.

I love this layout which includes the back page of Jenn's and the front of Analise's .

Here is the back page of Analise's and my front page.

I just wanted to show that the door would open and reveal a party inside!

My back page(which I am not wild abt, bleh!) and the front page of Jessi's.

Jessi's back page and Joanna's front(I am so glad that we finally have a page to post some pics too, I think some of us got carried away adding to the page!

Joanna's back page and Karla's front-she painted this fairy to look like a pic of Jessi taken in Jenn's front yard at the fountain.

The back of Karla's page and the front of Rosalyn Sue's page.

This is the back side of Rosalyn Sue's and the front of Sherry's-absolutely gorgeous!! The second part of Sherry's with a great pocket to add pics to and the front of Teresa's depicting the butterflies that flew above our tables as we crafted.

This is the back side of Teresa's page and she included the little fold up book so that we can add journaling or pics smart! The opposite side is Tiffany's front page with the last pic being the back cover( for now) which is the back of Tiffany's page. I want to add another cover so that this beautiful page doesn't get ruined as I show everyone. I tell all of my friends what I like to do and abt. all of you out there and I am looked at as if I have 1 eye and 3 heads, no one but you guys understand! I am now on post 97 so in 3 more I will be having a 100th post giveaway....


icandy... said...

Such beauty!
Christina :)

twinkleshabbystar said...

I am sooo glad you participated in the book Angela! It turned out sooo beautiful and I absolutley ADORE you page!! EEEK!!! It's sooo cute!!! Hugs! XO,Jenn

Julie said...

I love this lighthearted altered book - especially the mushroom with the party going on inside - some days when I am in zen mode I feel just like that! Thank you for commenting on my blog which has lead me to your lovely blog - one which I will return to again and again - the world if filled with lovely women like you, Lee and Dawn - blessings - Julie

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

what a gorgeous book this is!! SUch a great way to preserve the memories made. xoxo heather

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Hey Angela,

The book is so pretty. I wish I had the time to participate in making a page earlier this summer...shame on me. The memories of mine will just have to be preserved photographically... which by the way, I have some great ones of you I will send to you soon!

Ciao bella,

Jann said...

What a beautiful book!