Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"It's been a long time coming...."

I know, I know, where have I been? You guys can't imagine how crazy my life has been this past month! I have been reading everyone's blogs faithfully just not my own. I am the room parent for my 3 yr old's class and we have one thing after another planned and we haven't even got to the Christmas activities yet, UGH!!!!!

I am preparing for the Mistletoe Market in Perry Ga., which will be the 16, 17, 18th of Nov at the Ag Center for anyone in the area. I think they have 60 vendors this year and lots of variety for shopping. My Pampered Chef booth did well last year so I thought I would try to sell some of my crafting this year. I have knitted several wraps, made tons of journals and candles and I've gotten my self so worked up and nervous abt. how much money to put into this, I will have an ulcer when it's over. Everyone that stops by my booth and mentions this blog, gets 20% off your purchase.

The last time I posted I was working on my family reunion, Thank God that is over!!!!! It was great, we had abt. 75 people show which wasn't bad for the first ever Dover reunion. The majority of the family doesn't even know that the others exist so I thought all in all we did pretty good. I have more family shots I want to post but will have to do that later. I now have to go clean a costume that my child wore to school today for Fall Festival. Of course mine was the only one that spilled grape juice all over his lap.