Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tintype: Banjo Player With Stogie

I found this tintype via flickr(mrwaterslide) and thought it fit perfectly with the Toby Keith song I had playing. Can't you just see this man having to listen to his wife "yap" 24 hrs. a day and never getting a word in! Ha. My hubby doesn't like Country music but always manages to grin when he hears this song, wonder why?

Or maybe it fits in better with song #9 on my playlist. hahaha. That song is so not what I would usually play on here but I was looking for a love song by Vince Gill and when I played this one I just had to laugh. I guess Jo Packham's letter in the front of the Where Women Create Spring 2010 just got me to thinking abt. "men" and what they think abt. us women some times.

Hope everyone just gets a laugh out of all of this, be back with another post later.



Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting Over

About 2 years ago I was searching for something on the internet and stumbled across Kim's blog, DaisyCottage. From there I hopped and skipped all over the world, blog to blog, in awe of this "new world" that I had found. I foolishly thought that it would be so simple to start blogging myself but all the while wondering if anyone would really give a flip abt. my life. It has been a struggle ever since to keep up with my life, remembering to take pics and then to recount it all on here. I never have found a groove for this "blog" thing and have thought many times of just giving up and quitting but I have met several of you in person and feel like I have made a connection with some of you that blogging only strengthens. My biggest struggle is whether to treat this blog as my online diary and share things with all of you that are real and true in my life or do I only share only a fake, perfect, happy world, or do I just share art and crafts? For the few of you that have gotten to know me in whatever small way, y'all know that I am an open, sharing TOO much info kind of girl. Much to my hubby's horror, it's just the way I am! It has been very hard trying to share with y'all while not really sharing at all. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I am saying all of this to tell you that my blog is going to change. I am starting over as of today! My favorite blog is Tongue in Cheek because Corey shares so much of her life with us. I have laughed and cried while reading her words and even tho' I have never met her, I consider her a friend. She emails me privately after I leave a comment and will even answer one of my emails. That is what I want my blog to be like, not that I will ever compare to her but I do want it to be an honest picture of me and my world, the good-bad-ugly and just way too much info.

Don't worry tho' I won't start sharing on this post, I think you have had to read enough already. I do want to thank those of you that have called or emailed to check on me and thank you to Sherri for really letting me unload on her!!
All of my "girls" above will be listed in my shop tonight.
love to you all,