Monday, December 15, 2008

photo taken by Tammi at
part of our Mistletoe Market booth in Perry Ga.

all my thugs on Halloween, my husband says I never put pics of him on here!

I promised myself that I would be a better blogger and as you can tell that has been a failed promise. I have been so blessed with sales of my wreaths this year that I barely have time to come up for air. This past Saturday night I had a booth at Hometown Christmas in Gray, Ga. and had wonderful success with wreath sales, only brought back 3 large ones and had an order for 9 on Sunday, YAYAYAY!!!!!
If anyone is interested in one, please leave a comment and I will try to figure out how to ship to you- the prices are $6 for small(5inch center opening), $8 for medium(7inch opening) and $10 for large(9inch opening-abt. 30 inches from point to point). I will list them in my lollishop in the next couple of days.

I have so many pics to post and no time to do it, but I did copy the top one off of Tammi's blog, you should definitely go visit her and her shop.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Portable Studio Challenge

My husband would be overjoyed if all of my crafting/hobbies would fit into these two but some say marriage is a buzzkill so he will receive no joy today! We are off to visit a land where no one has an art studio and clutter is considered Godliness...want to join us? My first stop, after the potty break of course, was to the local mines to dig up some treasure then we were off with our caravan to find this magical world of art.
I never know what I might want to work on and if you ask my husband my greatest passion is to spread it from one end to the other and stare it all day so I packed a little of everything. I needed my flowers just to lighten my spirit for the trip and of course I brought along an atlas or two just in case I get lost.

My sheet music is a must and who knows the radio might stop and I may have to serenade myself on this adventure. Velvet ribbon and lots of lace can be used in just abt. any art as well as flocked wallpaper(which my hubbie says stinks to high heaven-he just doesn't appreciate the smell that comes with age). I packed a few dresses, you know how women are-we never know what we might want to wear, lots of buttons, a few stamps just in case and gobs of keys. Somewhere in all of that is a key to break free from jail, just in case the popo think of stopping this unlicensed, unregistered carvan high on glitter!!!!

I hope you all will visit me in my land of artful clutter as well as all of the girls headed off with their portable studios-you can find them by going to see Phyllis at Shabby in the City! I should have found a pic of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies waving goodbye but just imagine that is what I am doing right now!!!

One last pic of the "goods" I found at the local "mine"!!! Thanks for coming by and don't forget there will be lots of women traveling with their studios today.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lots to tell you about

I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! We went to our church Fall Festival Friday night and the boys had a blast, along with the other 1000 people there. It was total chaos but a wonderful night and some of the cutest costumes around.
Our youth came over on Saturday night for a bonfire/social which was a lot of fun but I didn't take one picture. I was so busy running back and forth making sure everyone had what they needed and running my mouth that I forgot abt. the camera until everyone had left and saw it sitting on the kitchen counter, charged and ready to be used. Ugh, that is the way my mind works!

I have posted some links on the sidebar that you have to go and visit! One is for those of you doing shopping for babies or newborns, you just have to go and visit, , they have the cutest onesies!!!! Two-- on Nov. 15th Lollishops will be in Beta and on ........(drumroll, please).....NOV. 28TH we will be open for business, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY...Please go visit the blog by clicking on the Lollishops coming soon block or go preapply to be a vendor, it's not too late by clicking on the submit application block. You won't be sorry that you did and after all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you do pre apply make sure you mention MISS MOLLY's COTTAGE in your app. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mistletoe Market in Perrry, Ga.

For those of you that are in the South or even those that like to travel to Christmas Market/Craft Show Events, you must come to Perry Ga. the weekend of Nov. 21-23rd for Mistletoe Market. There are so many different types of vendors and Santa makes a grand appearance for pictures on Sunday!! Last year, as you have read in the past I did so well with my journals and hope to expand on that even more this year with greeting cards, paper wreaths and my paper covered music boxes. I will be having a drawing this year so make sure you mention this blog post to enter. You may want to check back here in the next couple of weeks for a giveaway just to get everyone in the mood for Mistletoe Shopping!!!

Event Details
Balvaunuca Club "Mistletoe Market"
November 21-23, 2008"Mistletoe Market 2008"Hosted by the Balvaunuca ClubMcGill MarketplaceFri. Noon-7pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, & Sun. Noon-5pmAdmission $5 at door or $4 advance from downtown Perry merchants.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I finally got Photoshop and cannot do a thing with it! I worked for several days off and on to complete this side bar ad for Lollishops and still not sure if it looks good enough. Graphic artist I ain't!!! There's just no better word for it, AIN'T!!!! If someone out there can tell me how to make this better, please let me know!

The pic is of an angelic music box I have been making and well, I am so glad to be done with the first of many. I have to get busy because Mistletoe Market is just around the corner and I have lots of doll heads lying around. Tags and greeting cards are everywhere as well as antique books torn to pieces and just patiently waiting to be put together as journals. Might lose what little mind I have left in the process but I love to have a deadline and be under pressure to meet it(told you I was psycho).
In the midst of all this chaos, my youth group is coming over on Sat. ,after all the Halloween insanity, for a bonfire fellowship. I have to get this house cleaned from top to bottom, the back yard stripped of all the toys and cover the hole that the boys have been digging to China, not to mention find wood for the bonfire and something for everyone to sit on. Little bit crazy around here but like I said I somehow thrive under pressure. May forget to put on my bra on any given day but I will get this all done!
I have a ton of pics of the new tags and greeting cards that will go to Market with me as well as in my etsy and Lollishop, hopefully will get them added during this week.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and will be safe this Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneak Peek

Who can get enough of this? If only all men looked this way in a skirt!
Look at the chick behind him bent over trying to peek!!! HAHAHA.

This is a sneak peek of a new product that is almost done!

If you haven't seen Fireproof the movie, go now and then get this book!

Another sneek peek of a project I have worked on forever.

I have so many more pics to post and projects to show but I have to head off to church now. My youth drama team has performance tonight and I get so nervous that the message will be lost in translation so if you are a praying believer, please pray that we reach all of the youth tonight. Our drama is abt. Drive Thru Church-a place where the church gives you exactly what you want not what you need.
If you haven't checked out Lollishops yet, you just don't know what you are missing, get on over and check out the amazing creations that will be available in 1 month. I'm so excited and have so much stuff to finish along with all of the products I will be selling at the Mistletoe Market in Perry Ga. on Nov. 22(the whole weekend).

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just a little eye candy!!!!!
Car Show at the State Fair in Macon, Ga.
This shot was after fighting over the middle spot!
Brady was so excited only to hang there forever.
Chandler, Griffin and Brady at the fair, look at Brady's profile!!!!

I have been so nuts (my husband states that being nuts is not new to me) lately, volunteering at school, overseeing the drama team at church, teaching SS, working on goodies to sell at Mistletoe Market in Perry Ga., Lollishop items and that is on top of running a household and managing collections at the paint store! I am so blessed to have all of this going on and to be used by God in all of these situations, Thank You God!

I have also kept my mouth shut abt. this election mess, obviously God calls us to love everyone, but I am begging everyone out there to sincerely fall on your knees and pray out to God that his will is done and that this great country turns from wickedness and back to him. Being a born again Christian means that I have nothing to fear in the future, no matter what happens in this life I will be saved in the end, but we all sin and my fear(my sin) gets control over me at times and I do FEAR where this next month may lead us. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and found a book by Max Lucado on this very subject, whether you are a Christian or not I highly recommend reading this, praying over it and letting God's choice of president win. Max Lucado points out that God allows all leaders(good or bad) their time in the spotlight, it might have been because the people thought they wanted him and God taught us a lesson thru that or that God was allowing bad things to happen so that we would rely on him and not ourselves, either way no one comes into a leadership role without God allowing it to happen. My prayer is a selfish one and that is that we turn back to him without anymore punishment and that the Leader we elect will be the one that is a Godly man and will follow God's ways and not his own. Even if you are in another country and reading this, please pray for the United States and the sinful mess we have in this country. No, I am not convinced that either man is Godly, in fact if I had to guess I would say neither are but I can see which is the lesser of 2 evils from what their actions in the past have been and by what they say today but even that can all be a disguise so I am asking God to show me what man he wants in this job.

Ok, soapboxes are not a new item that I am working on so I will shutup for now!

I have been gone from here for so long I have tons of pics to post but I will try to stretch them out over a few posts. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, it'll be managing a yard sale for me, UGH!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Golly I am going Lollishops!!!

I am so EXCITED, it has just been one of those days(a badly needed one-at that)! Last night I spent hours taking pics, cropping, adjusting, replacing, adding and then measuring, typing, listing items on etsy and when I awoke I had a request for a journal from a gal in England-my first international customer!!!! Well that had me so giddy and then when I dropped my boys off at school I went to the park to walk the track and made it around 12 times without passing out or needing to potty, walked a total of 56 minutes, 6612 steps, burned 354 calories and for the big one......3 miles!! Now I know after watching some of the Olympics or even going to the gym and seeing the faithful(oh, how they gripe me!) that isn't much but for a big girl trying to shed an entire person that was GLORIOUS. You have to sing that word like the angels by the way. I rushed home to get ready to go into the paint store and harass delinquent painters abt. their bills only to sneak into my office and find an email from Sadie that my shop had been accepted as a seller on Lollishops, HOLY COW, I don't know if you can peel me off the ceiling today. Needless to say I haven't gotten ready for bill collecting yet and don't know if I can even concentrate on that right now. My husband says he may have to fire me before I even work a full week and as long as he brings me money I'll be singing, "Take this job and shove it, I ain't working here no more!" I can't even remember who sang that but it was the perfect line. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I know this is a day late but I really did have every intention of drawing a winner last night until my husband parked in front of the computer for hours. He usually pulls out his laptop when he needs to work but not last night when I needed to be in here. Anyway, I want to announce a winner right away and of course apologize for being late!
The winner is.........

The Other Side of Me said...
Hi Angela,It was great to hear from you again. I hope you are having a great summer.What a fun box of goodies! Please enter me in your giveaway!Tammy
August 4, 2008 9:36 PM

I have decided to offer similar items on etsy and will be listing them by Friday so make sure you go check out what is in the shop!
Tomorrow my kids start back to school and I am so nervous for my 4 year old. Last year he went to our church preschool from 8:45-12:15, this year we were able to get him into the elementary school that my other 2 attend and so he will be there from 8:30-3:15(ack!). He is excited for now because he has his new "Diego" backpack and all his supplies ready but I know when I go to leave him there with people he does not know at a school he has never been to, that he is going to freak out. My other 2 sons were "mama's boys" for brief periods but this one is firmly attached to my side, he tells his daddy, "I'm not your boy", this is how attached he is! Needless to say, I will probably cry more than he does tomorrow and my reason for putting him at this school was so that I could go to work with my husband at the paint store(which probably won't happen )at least not right away.
I'm off for a day of movies, school open house and bowling, you know we are trying to cram everything in this last day of freedom. Congrats to Tammy and thanks for all of the comments out there over the past week, hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have been busy trying to update the shop and get the giveaway ready and I can see that there are quite a few who have been lurking but not leaving comments. Make sure you leave a comment before Tuesday to be in the drawing for the cigar box full of goodies. If you do miss out, I will have them in my Etsy shop so please go visit there as well. Here are more pics of the cigar box giveaway. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

40 more here I come!

My pics are all out of whack, this is the Haro(less than $500)
Cigar Box Giveaway includes over 25 sheets of wallpaper, french-english dictionary pages, other old book pages, 30's-40's receipts, vintage sheet music rolled with pink lace, flocked paper greeting card, old paint cards, baubles, wooden spool, Character Constructions dress hanger, BE glittered chipboard letters, vintage buttons, antique lace and measuring tape, pkg of vintage playing cards and flash cards, 2-post cards and 2-antique pics. If I can squeeze all of it in :).

Gary Fisher HIFI DELUXE(Bad to the Bone!)($2500 bad) Is this seat not the sweetest, imagine on that white bike(yum) pink cords, pink grips, maybe even pink tires with this seat(sure will be pretty hanging in the garage)!

I have finally gotten the giveaway box all together and see that there are quite a few visitors out there, just no one posting so hopefully this pic will do the trick and get everyone talking, just leave a comment abt. what blogs you visit the most and I will draw a winner on Tuesday.

I haven't mentioned it before now but I have lost 43 lbs. in the last 4 months and am chasing down another 40(at least). My husband loves to mountain bike and while I would much rather go up a mountain on something with a motor, I realize that attitude has me where I am today. His bikes(yes more than one) are quite high dollar but when I suggested this Gary Fisher for me, he freaked($2500 freaking-still less than even one of his)! Needless to say I won't be getting that one but have decided on this Haro bike but mine will have pink cording, pink grips(handles)(I must speak the lingo now) and this great pink and white seat. TOO CUTE!!! I know that isn't the important part but if the thing sits more than moves I at least want it to be pretty, right? Anyway start posting and I'm off to do the back to school shopping since it's tax free weekend. Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Future BMX Stars

This is the feeling I have had for weeks now. Can you see how hard my child was working just to make it up that hill? I now have the "Jeffersons" song running in my head!

On Sat. we went to East Macon Park where they use to have BMX races when my husband was a child(back in the old days as my oldest son put it). As you can see they all had a blast even if it was 100* in the shade(of which there was none). Now my husband has it in his head to call the recreation dept. and see what it would take to renovate the track and possibly start having races again. I tried to show everyone in these shots except me of course. I did get on my husband's bike and huffed over those little bumps but threatened him (with, well you know what matters most) if he took a pic of that.
Ooh for some exciting news, Sara over at Sadie Olive was interviewed for the Artful Blogging, that will come out on Friday, for her blog, shop and design business. My little ole' blog, that I so ignore in order to keep up with everyone else's, will be shown on page 40. Already I can see a difference in the views that I receive but will definitely be working on a few things in the next couple of days to update my shop and the blog itself. There are so many people I visit on a daily basis that I haven't posted links to and must get that area updated. BY THE WAY....I think I will have a giveaway to kick things off! Leave a comment here telling us some of the blogs and shops you visit daily and I will be giving a cigar box full of goodies away. I will post the pic of the giveaway this afternoon, I must go fill the box first. Obviously it will hold vintage sheet music, old wallpaper, antique lace and buttons, a few baubles and well you will have to return to see what else. I will draw the winning name on Tuesday, Aug. 5th.

This is the way we all felt by the end of the day!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I have been so out of it and can't seem to get back in(whatever that means). Have you ever just been in a funk? It seems I am stuck in one, nothing is going right. I have so many projects going and can't seem to get any of them completed. Oh well, I know no one wants to hear depressing mess so instead I hope any of you that stop by will take a look at the video I just posted. Wasn't sure I knew what I was doing but it works and I love Jason Mraz so please watch and let me know what you think. Have a wonderful day!!

Official Jason Mraz - I'm Yours video

Monday, June 9, 2008

More RED

Old house in downtown, great red brick
New book that I will someday get to!
The side of First Bapt. but what I really wanted you to see was one of the few brick roads that are left in Macon.
This was my great grandmothers chair, very small but it fit her perfect. She
must have added this fabric when the original wore out, it needs a lot of
work but I love having it.

Part of booth display pic for the festival app, notice my red walls
Yes, this is red, so deep it was almost black, pic from the fest.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Macon, built in 1823, I think

The title of this book is Life of the Party !

First Baptist Church in downtown Macon, Ga. thought the brick was a great shade of red

Great reds in this old postcard
Not red, but a great book that I just bought at Barnes&Noble
Cross stitch sampler in my living room

All of the items that didn't sell will be in my etsy shop soon.

I was so busy getting things ready for the Daylily festival that I didn't get around to posting more pics for the ISAWRED challenge or some of the crafts we were selling at our booth. On Friday we loaded our trucks and went to Gray, Ga. for the festival and had really thought it would be cool under the pecan trees, boy was I wrong. We had the hottest two days out there, I mean absolutely miserable. Usually we don't start seeing the 100's until July and even August but Friday was 101 and Sat. 100 degrees. No breeze blowing at all and sitting under a tent was horrific. I do not like to sweat and especially when I went to the trouble of fixing my hair and makeup but I literally poured sweat all weekend. It was nasty, running into my eyes down every crack and crevice imaginable, just nasty! When I was a teenager I couldn't wait to lay out in the sun all summer and never once thought it was too hot but now I am old and just can't take the heat. I did get to meet a lot of nice people though, one being Tammy, go visit and say hello. I also met another blogger but cannot find her card, once I do I will link to her so everyone can visit.

I hope everyone has a great week and I will post more pics soon of a journal/scrapbook I am working on.