Thursday, October 16, 2008


Just a little eye candy!!!!!
Car Show at the State Fair in Macon, Ga.
This shot was after fighting over the middle spot!
Brady was so excited only to hang there forever.
Chandler, Griffin and Brady at the fair, look at Brady's profile!!!!

I have been so nuts (my husband states that being nuts is not new to me) lately, volunteering at school, overseeing the drama team at church, teaching SS, working on goodies to sell at Mistletoe Market in Perry Ga., Lollishop items and that is on top of running a household and managing collections at the paint store! I am so blessed to have all of this going on and to be used by God in all of these situations, Thank You God!

I have also kept my mouth shut abt. this election mess, obviously God calls us to love everyone, but I am begging everyone out there to sincerely fall on your knees and pray out to God that his will is done and that this great country turns from wickedness and back to him. Being a born again Christian means that I have nothing to fear in the future, no matter what happens in this life I will be saved in the end, but we all sin and my fear(my sin) gets control over me at times and I do FEAR where this next month may lead us. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and found a book by Max Lucado on this very subject, whether you are a Christian or not I highly recommend reading this, praying over it and letting God's choice of president win. Max Lucado points out that God allows all leaders(good or bad) their time in the spotlight, it might have been because the people thought they wanted him and God taught us a lesson thru that or that God was allowing bad things to happen so that we would rely on him and not ourselves, either way no one comes into a leadership role without God allowing it to happen. My prayer is a selfish one and that is that we turn back to him without anymore punishment and that the Leader we elect will be the one that is a Godly man and will follow God's ways and not his own. Even if you are in another country and reading this, please pray for the United States and the sinful mess we have in this country. No, I am not convinced that either man is Godly, in fact if I had to guess I would say neither are but I can see which is the lesser of 2 evils from what their actions in the past have been and by what they say today but even that can all be a disguise so I am asking God to show me what man he wants in this job.

Ok, soapboxes are not a new item that I am working on so I will shutup for now!

I have been gone from here for so long I have tons of pics to post but I will try to stretch them out over a few posts. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, it'll be managing a yard sale for me, UGH!!!

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ShabbyInTheCity said...

Peace that passes understanding! I have it. So thankful that my trust isn't in man. I heard that 'fear not' is in the Bible 365 times :)
Your kids are adorable!