Friday, December 11, 2009


I tried to download a pic of this but never could get it to work so just go check out each blog and do what they say!

HP TouchSmart 600 PC Reviews With 5 Ways to Win One For Yourself!
HP recently gave 5 lucky BlogHer Reviewers the opportunity to try out the HP TouchSmart600 PC and share what they thought. This all-in-one computer has changed the way they use a computer becuase of it’s revolutionary touch screen interface. HP was even kind enough to give each of the bloggers another one to give away!
You have 5 chances to win one of your own!
Check out each of the five reviews below to find out how great touch screen access to info, entertainment and social networks can be, and to enter each blogger's sweepstakes of a HP TouchSmart600 PC!

Kelly, from Kelly’s Korner, loves how her new HP TouchSmart 600 has great photo editing, slide show and movie applications. Find out what other features have her blown away!
See how the HP TouchSmart 600 has brought Stephanie, from A Year of Slow Cooking, and her family together. “I’m excited that my husband and the girls are so excited, spending so much time playing together, and fooling around with all of the programs.”
Jen, from My Charming Kids, just hasn't been able to keep her hands off it—after all, it is a TouchSmart! “I have died and gone to computer heaven, my friends…there is a program that helps me access Twitter, photo storage and organization solutions that make an obsessive organizational freak like me salivate.”
Check out how the HP TouchSmart 600 has become a family favorite for NieNie, from The NieNie Dialogues. Her children “love how easy it is to do Barbie's make-up with their fingers on the screen.”
Sophie, from BooMama, adores the Recipe Box feature that lets her “add any recipe I happen to run across on the web and will even READ THE RECIPE OUT LOUD TO ME while I cook.”

Monday, December 7, 2009


Here is a thinner version of the previous post. So whatcha think abt. this one?
I have added this to my etsy shop, you can find it here. I have one made and can take orders for more(just give me a couple of days to make) if anyone is interested. Thanks for all the comments, I'm always nervous abt. putting my "stuff" out there, not sure if anyone will like it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Old Rugged Cross

Whew...Mistletoe Market was insane! I sold over 50 wreaths on Friday and was completely sold out just after lunch! I stayed up all night making more and I don't think I ever stopped all weekend, and still I have orders to fill....YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I so needed a sale like this one, I was really discouraged and so many things are going on in my home that it was just what I needed at the moment. Sorry to say I didn't take a single pic, I never had time to get my camera out of the bag. Tammy came to see me with her sweet, sweet Mama Ru and sisnlaw Judy and took a few pics. I sold all of my paper mache' dress forms and have 2 more almost ready for their debut.

One of my customers asked me if I could come up with a cross done like my wreaths and my hubby has been on me for a year to try one and this is my version or first try anyway. I'm thinking I need to thin out the middle of the arms so that it is wider at the center and the points, whadya think? Please be honest, is this a keeper or no? Please ignore the inside of the fireplace, candles are everywhere and I didn't have alot of options for 10:30pm pics.
I can't wait to here what y'all think of the cross and whether I should thin it out, something just doesn't look right. I'm hoping this customer loves the cross and maybe I can offer them in my etsy shop.
Love to you all,