Monday, November 3, 2008

Lots to tell you about

I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween! We went to our church Fall Festival Friday night and the boys had a blast, along with the other 1000 people there. It was total chaos but a wonderful night and some of the cutest costumes around.
Our youth came over on Saturday night for a bonfire/social which was a lot of fun but I didn't take one picture. I was so busy running back and forth making sure everyone had what they needed and running my mouth that I forgot abt. the camera until everyone had left and saw it sitting on the kitchen counter, charged and ready to be used. Ugh, that is the way my mind works!

I have posted some links on the sidebar that you have to go and visit! One is for those of you doing shopping for babies or newborns, you just have to go and visit, , they have the cutest onesies!!!! Two-- on Nov. 15th Lollishops will be in Beta and on ........(drumroll, please).....NOV. 28TH we will be open for business, YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY...Please go visit the blog by clicking on the Lollishops coming soon block or go preapply to be a vendor, it's not too late by clicking on the submit application block. You won't be sorry that you did and after all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! If you do pre apply make sure you mention MISS MOLLY's COTTAGE in your app. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Melissa said...

Thanks for stopping by lollishops. Stop in and say hello on my blog when you have a chance!
Your work is just darling!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Angela,

I hope you are doing great! I am all for putting together a Spring workshop with you. If it is not too big, I would anty up my studio for a location to have it in.
I will email you with some info. Let's get together soon.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to take a second and thank you for your honest and uncensored comment you posted on Artsy Mama's "political post". Like you I was an am a McCain/Palin supporter. How American can turn on a hero such as McCain is beyond me. Just four short years and hopefully we'll wake up from this nightmare.

tardevil said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Honestly, I posted at a couple of places that I was on the Obama diet yesterday because I was sick to my stomach all day. I just pray he will do the right thing as I'm so afraid he won't! I'm not sure where Perry, GA, but 2of my high school classmates are in the Atlanta/Roswell area. Take care!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Come see me!

Tiffany said...

Angela!!! I was searching for the mistletoe market and came across your blog. I was reading it and scrolled down and saw your picture. What in the world - i didn't know about Miss Molly Cottage. I was just down at Mistletoe Market for about an hour, but I didn't see you. I have a blogspot but am horrible keeping it up. Are you still doing pampered chef?

Talk to you later...Tiffany Griffin

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Reminder! Come see.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

My baby drew your name for the tea cup and saucer! I hope you are still doing my challenge :)