Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Portable Studio Challenge

My husband would be overjoyed if all of my crafting/hobbies would fit into these two but some say marriage is a buzzkill so he will receive no joy today! We are off to visit a land where no one has an art studio and clutter is considered Godliness...want to join us? My first stop, after the potty break of course, was to the local mines to dig up some treasure then we were off with our caravan to find this magical world of art.
I never know what I might want to work on and if you ask my husband my greatest passion is to spread it from one end to the other and stare it all day so I packed a little of everything. I needed my flowers just to lighten my spirit for the trip and of course I brought along an atlas or two just in case I get lost.

My sheet music is a must and who knows the radio might stop and I may have to serenade myself on this adventure. Velvet ribbon and lots of lace can be used in just abt. any art as well as flocked wallpaper(which my hubbie says stinks to high heaven-he just doesn't appreciate the smell that comes with age). I packed a few dresses, you know how women are-we never know what we might want to wear, lots of buttons, a few stamps just in case and gobs of keys. Somewhere in all of that is a key to break free from jail, just in case the popo think of stopping this unlicensed, unregistered carvan high on glitter!!!!

I hope you all will visit me in my land of artful clutter as well as all of the girls headed off with their portable studios-you can find them by going to see Phyllis at Shabby in the City! I should have found a pic of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies waving goodbye but just imagine that is what I am doing right now!!!

One last pic of the "goods" I found at the local "mine"!!! Thanks for coming by and don't forget there will be lots of women traveling with their studios today.


MizSmoochieLips said...

Oh my gosh, the little dump truck is the CUTEST thing ever! Love the way you port your adorable containers around :)

Anonymous said...

I love your portable studios ! I love the red one and the truck too ! I might visit my nephew's room soon, I think ;) I come from Phyllis blog :) and I don't have any portable studio...

The Whispering Poppies said...

Old wagons and trucks for treasures! What a splendid idea (with three boys in my house, I have plenty of those)! =)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh!! Now, your portable studio needs to come my way so I can have a peek at all that fun stuff!!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That is the greatest idea Angela! How'd you thing of that? The last photo is just so perfect. You cracked me up talking about the PoPo...I don't know if they say that in other parts of the country...I wonder?
And clutter next to Godliness? I LOVE that!

Virginia said...

Absolutely wonderful!!! Very creative.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Deb said...

This is an adorable idea Angela! thanks for stopping by my blog today - hope you visit again.

see you there! said...

What fun that little red wagon would be to play with (or, ah-hem, tote craft projects around in).

Congrats on winning the teacup, enjoy it!


The Other Side of Me said...

This post was just too cute. I loved the dump truck. Giggle!
I will be at the Carriage House tomorrow from 10 - 2pm. I hope to see you then!

Cottage Way of Life said...

I have to tell you I love the old toy truck piled to the brim with bling. My husband collect trucks like that. I think I will be looking at his collection with a different eye from now on ... and he just may be missing a truck or two. ;^)

Thanks for having a look at my Portable Studio storage solutions. Have fun at the flea market, I hope you find lots of treasures (and some vintage file boxes and wire baskets)!



Angela...this is adorable! Just found your blog from the challenge! I really need to come over and take some lessons...your blog is wonderful...I will be back..new blogger here so there is so much to learn and so much to see! Thanks for sharing

Sandy said...

What fabulous stuff!
Great seeing you this past weekend at the Mistletoe Market.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings,

The Whispering Poppies said...

Hello! =) You've won the Giveaway I had on my blog during Phyllis's challenge! Please leave me a comment with your email (I won't publish it) - so I can contact you for your snail mail. =)

Priscila said...

oh my gosh...jackpot! Love it all....sooooo lucky!!!

Diane said...

I love how you are able to get everything together and take it on the road, good for you... That is not going to happen over here ( <: too much stuff.
Stop by my blog sometime. I sure enjoyed yours and I have added to my sidebar of favs.
Hugs, Diane

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Lady Janes Emporium..
I just read your comment over there about being a BAG LADY (:) LOL
made me think of myself and knew we would be friends~~ I love collecting(:) and Goodwills and I have always said
'' I would make a superb BAGLADY ''(:)
well ..cute blog glad I found you~~
hugs, Patty