Friday, April 13, 2007

Little Red Dresser

Kim over at Daisy Cottage always finds the best things at her local Goodwill so I usually go racing to our largest one as soon as she posts her pics. Of course ours never has the type of things she finds but one day I lucked up and found this little chest. Another girl was looking at it and when I asked she said she was going to get it if her friend that was on the way could fix the drawer(the bottlom rung had broke so the middle drawer had fallen). Her 20 something year old friend showed up and said "no, he could not fix it". YEA, for me! I just happen to be married to McGyver and snatched that bad boy up. It was unfinished wood and being truly inspired by Kim I painted it RED, had McGyver fix it (he also added old door knobs) and we added it to the front porch. Now, I just need to get a nice chair to sit beside it. The one that is there is a great chippy piece from my Great grandmother but I think it is lead paint and therefore no one is allowed to touch it. If anyone has an idea abt. the type of chair, wicker?, please throw it my way.

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Daisy Cottage said...

Angela, I LOVE your red dresser! WooHoo girl ~ fabulous job on the redo and beautifully displayed! I'm so happy for you with this find.. great job!