Thursday, April 5, 2007


Old music book and Presbyterian Hymn Book

Well, I am still working on those wallpaper packets and yesterday I decided to go "junkin" just to see if I could find anything else to add to the packets. I read so many different blogs thru-out the day and see all of the neat finds but never have that kind of luck myself until yesterday! There is a flea market near-by (my sons say it is a junk market-my 7 year old says in his biggest wow voice, "this is sorta like Walmart!") HA!!! Anyway, I have several pics to show of the goods I found yesterday. I can't believe I got all of this for $39, I even forgot to take pics of some of the items but you will get an idea from what I have here. Of course, I have to keep my stash hidden for now (my husband will not understand the value), so I better go figure out a hiding place for my goodies.

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