Monday, May 4, 2009

Girls Weekend 2009

Tammy welcomed all of us to her wonderful home and treated us like family!
Our wonderful hostess and FRIEND in her beautiful studio.

Here we are, some with pumpkins and some without,haha!

Our sweet and oh so talented teacher, Dawn of The Feathered Nest!

The displayed art after all was done, on top is mine, middle row from left to right is Judy's, Lee's, Natalea's, Ruth's, Luz's and Tammy's. All so different and all so pretty.

All I can tell you is.......Tammy really outdid herself, she went so above and beyond to make us feel pampered, appreciated and loved. Starting Thursday of last week we arrived at her home for a weekend of fun, art and just hanging with the girls and of course one fella every once in a while. As you can see in the pics we had so much fun and I am so thankful that I was invited to be a part of this weekend and given the chance to meet all of these wonderful girls. I cannot wait to do this again! I have so many more pics to show but will have to get permission on some of them, may have to blackmail with some as well, hee,hee!! Will post more pics and tell abt. more tomorrow.


MommaRu said...

So happy I really got to know you over our girls' weekend at Tammy's. It's so great you live so close to each other.
You are surely unforgettable and a wonderfully talented gal.
Look forward to seeing you once again on my next visit to Tammy's. Thank you for my wonderful gift. Can't wait to get home to find the perfect place for my "record".
Enjoy your summer with your lovely family and a fantastic time at Silver Bella. Love, Ruth

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweetie pie!!!! You are such a hoot and I absolutely LOVED getting to know you Angela! We live so close we've got to go junkin' together, OK? Thank you so much for NOT posting any yucky photos of me!!!! I hope the birthday celebration went great ~ love and hugs, Dawn

natalea said...

Angela, it was such a true pleasure to get to meet you! I am sad you are not my neighbor because we'd be hanging out girl! You crack me up to no end...I loved every one of your stories. You are the sweetest soul! And thank you again for the gorgeous collage! It was a great pleasure to get to know you! xox, Love, natalea

The Other Side of Me said...

Dear Angela,

You are such a treasure! We so missed you on Saturday in Savannah. We will have to pick a time and make a trip together. I can't thank you enough for coming and making this weekend so special. I love that you are seriously "cracked" and I love laughing at your stories. Thanks for all of the yummy snacks that you brought. I really appreciated it. You are the best dish washer around!

See you very soon!

The Feathered Nest said...

I wish you would have come with us Angela.... You're so much fun and you're right, you'd have definitely kept me awake!!! That photo of me looks like I'm about to spew something across the room! xxoo, Dawn


Hey you!!

You floored me with your wit and charm. I am truly a better person for having met you!!!

Anytime you want to bring YOUR pumpkins to hang out with MY pumpkins...I'd love to have you.
I already miss you---

Bliss said...

Angela :)
I wish I could have heard your funny stories :)
It sounds like you kept the group entertained!
The art looks really nice! said...

Dawn seems so nice. I'll bet she was great in person!