Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tintype: Banjo Player With Stogie

I found this tintype via flickr(mrwaterslide) and thought it fit perfectly with the Toby Keith song I had playing. Can't you just see this man having to listen to his wife "yap" 24 hrs. a day and never getting a word in! Ha. My hubby doesn't like Country music but always manages to grin when he hears this song, wonder why?

Or maybe it fits in better with song #9 on my playlist. hahaha. That song is so not what I would usually play on here but I was looking for a love song by Vince Gill and when I played this one I just had to laugh. I guess Jo Packham's letter in the front of the Where Women Create Spring 2010 just got me to thinking abt. "men" and what they think abt. us women some times.

Hope everyone just gets a laugh out of all of this, be back with another post later.




The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Ang,

That song is too funny and the picture does fit. He looks so miserable in the photo, doesn't he?
Too cute.

Have a good day.

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Angela,
70 degrees? I am on my way, Its not 70 degrees here with the heat on!
Funny you should write about Jo Packham, I love every article I have read that she writes, she seems to hit it right on the mark. Heard she was coming to Farm Chicks...
Its not so far...

Romantico said...
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