Wednesday, September 16, 2009

and you're the winner.....if your number is picked

Sorry it is now 9:55pm, little drama held us up from drawing the winner of the giveaway! My neighbor came over and my 8 yr. old, Chandler was seen in only his underwear...."OH THE HORROR!!"...I mean he completely wigged out abt. her seeing him in his Over the Hedge undies...I can't stop laughing,hahahahahaha.

anyway the winner is (sorry no pics of the drawing-we were too busy giggling abt. the drama)..........

Gail said...
Hi Angela,Like many others, I found you through Dawn of A Feathered Nest. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway...I'll be having one myself one of these days...congrats on 100 posts!Gail

Gail of Little Beach're the next contestant, oh no that's a different show...anyway, Gail is the winner and of course Blogger is not letting me post pics again, UGH! I will continue to try to get this pic posted but Gail you are getting tons of stuff, a goodie box full and I will ship it out as soon as I get your addy.
Lee Weber....I also need your addy, I have a second place gift for you, :)))!!!

Thank you all so much for visiting me and leaving comments, I saw where 84 visits happened in one day and no one left a word, :(, so I hope everyone continues to visit and I have a ton of new blogs to visit each day!


Lori said...

poor little guy!!! sounds like he was traumatized

congrats to the lucky winners!!!

Gail said...

Thank you so much for drawing my name, I can't wait!
As I recall it was a bunch of yummy goodness....thanks again..
Gail said...

Angela, you just won my secret surprise giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Angela, that's hilarious! I miss the days of ninja turtle underwear, they grow up too fast!
Just wanted to stop by and visit your blog, it's darling!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl....GUESS WHAT?????!!!! YOU won my giveaway girlfriend!!!!! Please email me your mailing address so I can mail this thing out to you!!!! I hope you like the assemblage... :) hugs and love, Dawn