Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wouldn't You?

Christmas 08-

I have been MIA due to working on my Lollishop. Dale at Sea Dream Studio is working on a banner for me while I craft away on products to sell but I just had to post a poem that I found in an 1800's book of poetry that I have.

Wouldn't You by Lydia F. Hinman

He told me my face was the fairest

and purest he had ever known.

The bobolink ended my singing,

The nightingale mimicked its tone:

My dimples they quarreled with cherries

Just under eyes tender and blue,

My tresses they angered the sunbeam-

I half disbelieved, wouldn't you?

He told me my fingers were dainty,

My lips only modeled to kiss,

and "Would I give one of the sweetest

for such a poor bauble as this?"

Maybe I should not have done it,

but he looked so pleading and true,

The ring was so pretty-I took it,

and gave him the kiss, wouldn't you?

He told me there was a dear cottage

Just down near the rocks by the sea,

There sweet roses nodded a welcome,

and mocking birds waited for me.

With himself, of course, for the master-

'Twas made plenty large for us two;

I forget what I said, but I'm thinking

I kissed him again, wouldn't you?

It really sets the mood for Valentines Day I thought and for whatever reason the "girl" in the poem reminded me of Corey, I'll drop her a line to let her know. Be back soon with lots of goodies in the shop!


Anonymous said...

How sweet are your boys ! Lovely poetry too, perfect for Valentines Day :)
Have a lovely day :) I will come back to see your goodies :)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes your boys are so cute! They are reason enough not to get to blog...from one who knows :)
Have fun crafting! Love the poem :)

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Angela,

How are the boys?? They are so cute and I am sure they keep you very busy!

We need to get together soon and I am anxiously awaiting your Lollishops goodies.