Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Look

I have been gone forever but Sara at Sadie Olive has worked her magic on my blog so now I am back. Thank you so much Sara, it is so perfect!!!
The pic in the banner is my Great,Great Grandfather's second wife, Mattie, who actually raised all of his kids which probably explains why she looks the way she does. Can you imagine marrying a man abt. 15 years older than you who has 12 kids already and then having 6 more? NO THANK YOU!! I love old pics of anyone's family but esp. my own but then I have shown you so many you probably already knew that.
Speaking of old things, we are in the midst of remodeling our kitchen and I am looking for an old kitchen sink. If anyone in Georgia knows of a salvage yard, please comment and let me know where. We visited Second Chance, an architectural salvage shop this morning but no luck on the sink. Of course it was like Heaven with all of the old doors, molding, thousands of mantels, doorknobs, cabinets, posts, railing. I am tellin ya it was Heaven, but my husband was right with me and he was feeling the presence of the Lord like I was.
Anyway, hopefully we can get back there and I can get pics for all of you. Time to go put kids in bed but will be back tomorrow with pics of some new Etsy items. Please go check out Sara and see if she can't whip up something for your blog!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Just beautiful! I'm in heaven like you were in that salvage yard! I am looking forward to all of your posts here :) Off to see the Etsy :)

Jennifer Paganelli said...

wow welcome back it's been awhile...Sadie Olive is the best...Jennifer