Friday, September 14, 2007


This pic is my GGGrandparents David and Eliza Dover, supposedly
some Cherokee indian in her? What do you think? This one is my Mom and Dad and me-Dover bunch
This one is my mom and dad's wedding(Shivar and Dover Families)

Here is my GGGranddad-Brinson Shivar(family from Prussia)

I saw a post by Corey on family and thought since I have been working on these photos I would show them, who knows, maybe I have family out there I didn't know was visiting me.

I know it has been over a week since I posted and I haven't even visited y'all very much this week but I have been working on family issues. My dad is working in Illinois (he's an electrician) and has been there since June. He came home for a visit last weekend and bought an RV so I have been handling all of the paperwork and bills that come thru for him. I can hardly keep up with my own and now his too, UGH!!!

I am also in the process of planning the Dover Family Reunion that is to be held on Oct. 20th and this family is so spread out I am still hunting them down. I just found 3 in New Orleans area yesterday and there is only 1 month left before the reunion... Anyway, you can just imagine how frazzled I am working on it, 4 swaps that I joined like some kind of nutjob, and my everyday duties. I will have pictures in the next couple of days of the dresses I made for one swap, the sweet and sinister swap goodies and the Owl swap I am in. Needless to say I will not join 4 at one time again!!
I will be back in the next few days to show what I have been working on, hope everyone is having a great week.


tongue in cheek said...

Now you have inspired me! Love the photos and history. The comments left on my blog (the one you referred too,) are incredible stories.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

These are great Angela! You are lucky to have the really old ones. My husbands GGM was a cherokee.

cd&m said...

What a coincedence we have been posting old photographs over at Caton Darling and Moore.

Sandy McTier said...

I love old photos ~ these are fabulous ~ thanks for sharing.
Have fun with the reunion ~ we just had the 18th annual McTier Reunion and my in laws but so much work into it year after year and they are a lot of fun.

Sandy :0)

Denise from VA said...

Angela - Found your blog via Google search. I actually received an invitation from you to the Dover Family Reunion and, although I'm originally from GA, I don't believe any of my ancestors were Dovers. You and I do seem to have the same taste in music though :-) Hope you have a great time at the reunion.

Cottage by the River said...

I love your family phots, enjoyed visiting your site.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Hi Angela!
I can probably help you post the banner. I need my 3 boys out of the house first LOL. Call me tomorrow :) 270-483-2262

Mary said...

Angela - how about if I bring Hugh Grant back for you, ha! ha!!!!!

Love your family photos - so glad you have them. I'm alway sad when I see old photos in thrift shops - where are their families now, why did they throw out such wonderful family treasures?

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Come see!

rebecca said...

Nice family! As one consultant to another, may I ask whether you've ever gotten in trouble with the front office for linking to your website? I'm not clear on whether the occasional link in a post is okay or not.

Amy said...


I enjoyed reading your blog. I found it when I googled Brinson Shivar. My mother was a Shivar and I have been researching her family. I was just recently researching the Shivars from Prussia and was thrilled to find your photo of Brinson. I am sure we are all connected. Are you the same Angela who has private family trees on I emailed her to see if she would share her trees. We have very little info. on the Shivars. I would love to share and would enjoy hearing back from you to see if we can connect. Email me please. Also, any more old Shivar pics? Amy

Alice J said...

Your Dad looks like Alec Baldwin in this picture! Wow! Too Cute!
Have you planned the Church Bazaar yet? Let me know.