Friday, July 6, 2007

Scrap Night

Tonight is Scrap Night at church from 6-11pm. Can't wait, this is my "away" time and I have so much to work on. Last month I got 2 pages made, it's kinda hard to complete a page when you are running around looking at every one's "stuff" and talking 90 to nothing! So tonight is SERIOUS BUSINESS, :). Well, I will try to get down to business, anyway. Packing to go is like going on vacation, I have a mess everywhere trying to figure out what I might use. All the girls made fun of me taking 4 trips to the car to haul it all in the last time so I may just make 5 tonight. A friend of mine that sells Stampin Up will be there to set up a booth so I will probably have pics to show you. I can't seem to resist new stamps, even tho' I have drawers full now that I haven't even mounted. It is really very sad, and my husband wants to kill me everytime he sees one.
On to other things, I have been working on an amigurumi bunny. This will be my first attempt at changing a pattern in crochet. I like to play it safe and go exactly by the book most days but the first bunny I did by this pattern turned out so small that I thought I would tweak it a bit. I would really love to know how to make the body and legs as one instead of attaching them at the end so if someone out there can tell me that I would love them forever!! I took pics this morning but can't get them to upload so I will be back later today to show you the bunnies. Maybe someone can tell me what to do to make them cuter!
I hope everyone had a great Independence Day!


ShabbyInTheCity said...

You know I felt so guilty about all the scrapbooking I was behind on that I stopped completely!
That would be a fun night out.
I just saw the sweetest spice rack of craft supplies...and I have to tell someone about it...

jennifer Paganellli said...

Hope have fun scrapping...all my best, Jennifer

Jammy said...

Sounds like loads of fun, I hope you have a terrific time!!

BTW, we were paired up for the art hat doll swap. I'll see if you have an email address posted and if so I will send you an email.


Jammy said...

Ok, I didn't see one on your page, but please contact me with your fave colors, themes, and anything you don't email is on my blog.

I can't wait to get started. I'm making a visit to Michael's tomorrow to get my supplies.


Jammy said...

I am ready to ship your doll. Could you email me your addy please? Thanks!!

Jenn =D

Beth said...

a quick note from a stranger....there is a company called Chem-dry for couches and chairs that need to be drycleaned and they are wonderful. Just like having stanely steemer to your house, but dry cleaning instead.(I saw your note on another blog regarding light colored couches)