Friday, May 4, 2007

Selling on Etsy

I know this is going to sound pretty goofy but I am so excited, I sold 2 wallpaper packets this week! YAY!!! I am not the most patient person and everyday I would check my etsy shop to see if anything had sold. I could tell someone was eyeballing it but not purchasing. Well now I am officially in business. Thanks to Alice and Maria and if y'all are reading this, your packets were sent today-2 day shipping. I hope that you enjoy them and keep looking as I enter new things in the shop! I recently bought 6 French books from 1935 and pages from them will be in the packets as well. I don't have a clue what they say so please forgive me if there is anything offensive.
I took some pics in the yard today(it is already 90 degrees here in Ga.), thought I better before everything burns up in this heat.

My youngest, Brady, will be 3 years old tomorrow. It is so hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly. His pic is at the top and please ignore the background, I have been repainting our kitchen for weeks now, green then blue and now red, pretty soon it will look like McDonalds! We have a big time planned at Kangaroo Bob's so if I don't get back this weekend, I hope everyone has a great one!


vintagecollage said...

The flowers are beautiful. These 90 degrees and no rain has my flowers looking pretty sad unless I forget to turn off the sprinklers I have on them every afternoon! Hope your son had a wonderful B-day. Thanks for visiting my blog. Debbie

PS I am between Waycross and Brunswick.

Trudi M said...

Oh cangrats on you sale. I'd be the same way.