Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Foto Fridays

Hi everyone! I don't have but just a sec to post and tomorrow I am off to meet up with Tammy for Starbucks and Antique shopping(YAY!!) so I wanted to get ahead of the game for tomorrow. I have recently signed up to participate in 's Family Foto Friday so here is my first one. This is my great,great,great grandparents on my dad's paternal side. I have been told my 3rd great grandfather, Augustus Dover, was a Doctor(I am sure a self made one), a Godly man, and that even though he lived in North Georgia and was Southern to the core, he refused to fight in the Civil War. He didn't want to see the killing when he was called to heal and save people so when he deserted and the Rebel army came to get him, he hid under the front porch steps and was never caught! I am sure had my grandmother's side of the family ever heard this abt. her husband's g.grandfather there would have been another war but even as Southern as I am it makes me proud to know that he stood or hid for his convictions and knew that God needed him to save lives.
I will try to post again tomorrow to show any goodies that I find or at least to catch up from the last few hunting expeditions! Have a great night everyone.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wouldn't You?

Christmas 08-

I have been MIA due to working on my Lollishop. Dale at Sea Dream Studio is working on a banner for me while I craft away on products to sell but I just had to post a poem that I found in an 1800's book of poetry that I have.

Wouldn't You by Lydia F. Hinman

He told me my face was the fairest

and purest he had ever known.

The bobolink ended my singing,

The nightingale mimicked its tone:

My dimples they quarreled with cherries

Just under eyes tender and blue,

My tresses they angered the sunbeam-

I half disbelieved, wouldn't you?

He told me my fingers were dainty,

My lips only modeled to kiss,

and "Would I give one of the sweetest

for such a poor bauble as this?"

Maybe I should not have done it,

but he looked so pleading and true,

The ring was so pretty-I took it,

and gave him the kiss, wouldn't you?

He told me there was a dear cottage

Just down near the rocks by the sea,

There sweet roses nodded a welcome,

and mocking birds waited for me.

With himself, of course, for the master-

'Twas made plenty large for us two;

I forget what I said, but I'm thinking

I kissed him again, wouldn't you?

It really sets the mood for Valentines Day I thought and for whatever reason the "girl" in the poem reminded me of Corey, I'll drop her a line to let her know. Be back soon with lots of goodies in the shop!